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Is it possible to configure a lantern with a straight stem instead of a yoke?

Our lanterns are able to be configured with a stem. Since the necessary stem size varies based on your application, please contact us to order this option and we will be sure you get the right one.

Can you convert an electric lantern to gas?

French Market Lanterns does not convert electric lanterns to gas. Most electric lanterns are not designed for the extra heat or ventilation produced by a burning flame and should not be converted for safety reasons.

How much light does an open flame lantern offer?

Open flame lanterns set a mood or ambiance for your setting. The gas lantern will provide a taller flame than a candle, but not much more light. 

What size lantern should I purchase?

Besides weighing how much of a statement you’d like to make and ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm the space, there is actually an easy mathematical equation that can be used to determine the right size for your lantern. For front door or entry-type

Does my geographical location affect the type of lantern I should purchase?

Geographical location must be a factor in your selection. Mountain populations deal with altitude and large temperature swings between summer and winter, while those near the ocean have salty sea air that leaves a film on surfaces. Wind is a factor

What are the different light bulb options in an electric lantern?

When customizing your lantern, bulb options include: * Electric - Non-LED light bulb. Does not flicker. * LED Filament Electric - Standard LED light bulb with filaments instead of diodes. Does not flicker. * Tri-Fire LED Electric Flame with

What is a wind guard?

A wind guard is used to protect the flame from blowing out in windy conditions. It is a good idea to consider including a wind guard for your gas lantern if it is installed in an area where it is exposed to wind gusts. It sits below the flame, so

What do I need to know to mount my lantern to a post or a column?

To mount your lantern to a post or a column, find the "Post Mount" option of your lantern. Under customization, select the "Post Mount" when mounting to a post, and the "Column Mount" when mounting to a flat surface. All of French Market Lantern's

I'd like to alter a lantern I own. Can you help with that?

If your lantern is from French Market Lanterns or one of our manufacturers, contact us. To make adjustments such as making it from a wall fixture to a hanging chain fixture, we will have you send it back so that it can be properly reconfigured.  If

Should I mix different styles of lanterns on the same building?

There are so many styles, sizes, and finishes of lanterns, it can sometimes be hard to pick just one!  Mixing lantern looks can look fantastic when done right. Here are some general design ideas to follow to make it work for you: * Stick to the

What size lantern should I choose based on my ceiling height?

Ceiling height is not always the only factor to consider when choosing the proper size lantern. Thinking about the other surroundings and weighing how much of a statement you'd like to make is also important. These other considerations are explored

What size gas line do I need installed for one of your lanterns?

Most all of the lanterns from French Market Lanterns use a .25” flare fitting. Specifically The CopperSmith, Primo Gas Light Lanterns, Copper Lighting Company, and The CopperSmith's Biltmore Collection use .25” flare fittings. Flambeaux Lanterns

What finishes do you offer?

Our standard finish is antique copper. This is a classic look that develops a beautiful patina over time when left to age (approximately 2 to 3 years).  Depending on the manufacturer, we also offer custom finishes including: * Dark Oxidized Copper

Are all of your lanterns certified?

Primo:               ETL Authorization to Mark| Listed Directory Coppersmith:  Certificate of Compliance Flambeaux:    cETL  | ETL  

Will my lantern patina?

A patina layer takes a while to develop under natural weathering, but buildings in damp coastal environments will develop patina layers faster than ones in dry inland areas. Copper that is in a perfectly clean and dry environment (indoors) will not

Can your lanterns be on a dusk to dawn timer or automatic timer?

We do not have any lights with a dusk to dawn sensor or automatic timer installed in them, but you can have an external sensor placed on your home to control your lanterns.