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What size lantern should I purchase?Updated 2 years ago

Besides weighing how much of a statement you’d like to make and ensuring it doesn’t overwhelm the space, there is actually an easy mathematical equation that can be used to determine the right size for your lantern. For front door or entry-type lights, first measure the front door from top to bottom. Then, divide that number by 1/3 and 1/4. The right size for your lantern selection will measure between those answers, ensuring it won’t look too small or too big for your home. Garage area lighting can be done the same way, by using the height of the garage door. Should you be placing lanterns around your deck, simply measure the nearest door that leads to your home.

Please also see our article on recommendations for lantern sizes based on ceiling heights here.

It is important to also take into account the accessories that are attached to your lantern (e.g. finials and scrolls), as well. The size of the lantern with these accessories should be the size in consideration as they make the overall fixture look much bigger.

You should also think about where the lantern is being placed. Typically, something by the front door should be a larger option to make more of a statement. Other lanterns (by a side door or on top of a garage) should be secondary to the front and therefore smaller.

Finally - it may be tempting to consider going with our smallest 15" options as they are the cheapest. We ask you to take these above considerations into account before making that decision - a fixture that is too small for the space won't look right.


Sizing can be complicated since there are many factors to consider. So, when in doubt, we are here to help! Please measure your door height, porch, ceiling, or plate line-height. If you are affixing the lantern to a column, measure the height and width of your column. Contact us with this information along with the style lantern that interests you and we'll be sure you select the proper size for your application.

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