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How does a gas lantern work?

A gas lantern is not a standalone unit. It must be connected to a natural gas line from the building. No electricity is required. Each open flame lantern has an adjustable valve on the burner assembly, which can be accessed through a door on the

How much does it cost to run a gas lantern?

The cost for running a lantern can be calculated using the following equation:  ((BTU per hour use of lantern x 720)/(102000)) x CCF Where CCF or CHF is the cubic hundred feet charge found on your monthly gas bill, and BTU is the quoted gas usage

Are your lanterns for indoor or outdoor use?

French Market Lanterns' fixtures are all wet-rated, and therefore safe for outdoor use. Any electric lantern can be used indoors.  Should you wish to install a gas lantern indoors, first check your local safety codes to ensure it's permitted. If so

What are the BTU ratings per hour on your lanterns?

Below are the BTU ratings per hour on our lanterns, organized by manufacturer:  * Copper Lighting Company - Natural gas 1460 | Propane 1400 * Primo Gas Light Lanterns - Natural gas 1600 | Propane 1900 * The Coppersmith - Natural gas 1035 |