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How does a gas lantern work?Updated 2 years ago

A gas lantern is not a standalone unit. It must be connected to a natural gas line from the building. No electricity is required.

Each open flame lantern has an adjustable valve on the burner assembly, which can be accessed through a door on the front of the lantern. To light the lantern, turn the valve so that the gas is flowing, then light the gas with a match. Do not use a lighter to ignite your lantern. The lantern is designed to run continuously, but if you want to turn off the flame, just turn the valve until the
gas is shut off.

Electronic ignition is available for the majority of our gas lanterns to allow you to turn on your fixture using a switch. Click here for a list of our products with this option. Once you have selected your lantern design, customize your illumination option to have "Electronic Ignition" with propane or natural gas.

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