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Defective, Damaged, or Items Shipped in ErrorUpdated a year ago

Please check all packages upon receipt for defects and/or shipping damage (even if you do not plan on installing it immediately). If you sign for the delivery and accept a shipment, we cannot be held responsible for damaged products. French Market Lanterns guarantees all products against manufacturer defects for 1 year from the date of delivery. We guarantee all products against shipping damage or items shipped in error for one week from the date of delivery. cannot be held responsible for damage received during shipment if a claim is not made within 5 business days of receipt. 

In the event that you receive the wrong product, a defective product, or a product that has been damaged during shipment, please contact us by phone (1-866-905-4448) or e-mail at [email protected] to request a Return Goods Authorization Number (RGA) and arrange for the return shipment.

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